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Battlestar Galactica - Dawn of War

Human or Cylon. You choose ! Galactica - Edge of Apocalypse  (previously Dawn of War ) is an online role playing game based on a total conversion mod ( modification ) of the space game Freelancer. It is inspired by the hit TV series Battlestar Galactica. It runs exclusively on the BSG-Galactica Freelancer server.
It features a whole new galaxy based on the galactica story with  a complete new set of systems,  factions,  ships,  weapons and  commodities, all from the Battlestar Galactica universe.

You choose to be a military pilot by joining the colonial fleet or the cylon armada, or a civilian, minding your own business in a world at war.
As a military pilot  you start as a nugget in your viper or cylon raider or a tactical pilot on board of the raptor or the heavy raider. As you gain experience you will progress up the ranks and will ultimately be given the opportunity to command your own battleship, a mighty battlestar or a dreadful basestar.

The fate of the second cylon war is in your hands. 




Mod created by Zeus , Venom and Stefan
BSG new series ships 3D meshes and textures by Coxxon, Valkyrie by Infinity238 - Freelancer adaptation by Zeus & Venom
Resurrection Ship by Zeus
Ragnar Anchorage & Armistice station by Sc00by
Other ships by Porsche, Buck Rogers , Asmo, Blackassimilation, Wrath of Achilles.
Extensive coding support from the Lancersreactor community
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Video: This trailer is based on version 1.7 so it is a bit outdated now, but it is still worth watching to get an idea. Watch it here
Battlestar Galactica mod trailer New and improved versions of BSG mod are  released on a regular basis. Download the latest version now !
BSGmod download

Microsoft Global server is gone but you can continue to play online on the server by connecting directly:Read how here

You need to activate the mod to play on the server. Download the latest version  here: BSGmod download topic

You need Freelancer Mod Manager
You can download it here: FLMM



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